English Experiences – Relax and Learn English Quickly!

What is 'English Experiences'? 

English Experiences is a new private language learning service designed by an experienced English language teacher and trainer. It is a unique and different program in which busy adults can quickly improve their English while relaxing in nature in an English speaking country. Adult learners join a small group of 5-12 other course participants and live a full immersion experience - they live and learn together with their teachers and group in beautiful natural locations in comfortable vacation homes. This is not a typical classroom in a typical school. In fact, it is superior to the traditional method of learning in a classroom in many ways: more individual attention, smaller groups, private coaching sessions, customized course content, all day speaking and listening practice with a teacher, a relaxing learning environment in fresh air so that it is easier for the brain to remember the language and more! 





Improve your English.

- You will get a Personal English Assessment to
Understand Your Learning Needs Better

- You will Create and Follow a Personalized Learning Plan
with Private 1-1 Classes

- You will Learn only what you need to learn
in Personalized Daily Small Group Classes

- You will Practice 'Real' English with your
classmates and teacher while you hike, cook, 
create art, watch wildlife and do other experience activities 

- You will Have the ALL DAY Opportunity to Ask Questions,
Get Corrections and Practice your English with your Teacher.

- Learn English in the moment,
in the natural context that the English is used.    

 English Experiences Intensive Full Immersion Courses




Learn English and Travel to Ireland

Transform your life.

You will be Amazed by the Beauty of the Natural Places we will Visit

You will Meet new Lifelong Friends

You will Fully Relax in Comfort

You will be Inspired to new Life Possibilities


relax and learn English on a full immersion English course

“An effective program”, “Learn English You Need and Use”

‘English Experiences’ (French, English Subtitles)

About the Course (Spanish, English Subtitles)

learn English in a total immersion intensive English course with English ExperiencesBUSY? IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH MORE QUICKLY

A 10-16 Day Course =
100-160+ Hours of Classes and Activities in English

The same as 2 to 6 MONTHS  in a normal intensive school course!

Example Schedule

8:00 Keep sleeping or Yoga/Meditation
8:45-9:30 Breakfast and Learn (Speaking Practice and Teacher Question Time)
9:30-10:45 Small Group English Class - indoors or outdoors
11:00-11:45 Private Coaching Session or Personal Learning Time/Homework
(following Personalized Learning Plan)
12:00-1:30 Lunch and Learn (Speaking Practice and Teacher Question Time)
2:00-7:00 Real Life English Class (Learn English as we Hike, Kayak, Watch Wildlife and more)
7:30 Dinner and Learn (Speaking Practice and Teacher Question Time)
8:30 Relax or Evening Group English Activities (Movie Night, Music Jam, Karaoke, Games Night)

Customized Learning. Small Groups. Individual Attention - an English Experiences Course!

Course Activities

English activities on an intensive full immersion course with English Experiences




Optional Activities on an English Experiences Course

Sleeping and Eating

Cozy. Delicious. Shared Experiences.

Food and Accommodation on an English Experiences Intensive Immersion Course in English

Course Fee: What it Includes and Does Not Include

What is included in an intensive full immersion English Experiences Course





What is not included on an intensive full immersion English Experiences course

English Experiences Accommodation


What Others Have to Say


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We believe in living life fully and imagining new possibilities in life.


..feeling at home, relaxed and comfortable in English. 

..having an English learning program that is just for you and your unique learning needs.

..getting individual attention to reach your learning goals.

.. continuing your learning when you go home.

.. an experience that will WOW you

and leave you feeling inspired and revitalized.

.. beautiful views, a comfortable bed, good food, warm company and opportunities for adventure.


Join us on a unique and inspiring adventure….for English AND your life!


This is Amazing! I Want to Go on a 2017 English Experience Course.