5 Benefits of Women Learning English

educated women = more beautiful world


As a woman, an entrepreneur and a person who cares about social justice and human equality, the issue of gender equality is very important to me. I admire women who have fought or are fighting to make the world a better place for us all to live in. Yet how do we bring more gender equality into a world where men still have more power, more opportunities and make more money than women? We must find a way to create more opportunities for women and to empower women. There are many benefits to individuals and to the world if women learn English, here are 5 of them.

  1. Women who learn English have more opportunities

    As most people know, English language skills often help people to get better jobs and jobs that pay more money. When women learn English they become more employable and have more opportunities than women who do not speak English. We still need to work to make sure women who speak English are paid the same as men who speak English, but it is still gives women an advantage and more opportunities to have English skills.

  2. Women who learn English are empowered

    The ability to communicate with more people, and express yourself in another language make everyone feel more powerful, including women. As it is so important in this world to give girls and women confidence and a strong sense of self, learning English can build this.

  3. Women who learn English help to make their communities and their world a better place

    using English to make the world a better place
    Karen Women – Using English to make their communities a better place www.karenwomen.org

    There are many stories about how women who speak English have been able to help their communities and their world. In my own experience teaching English to Karen indigenous women refugees on the Thai/Burma border, I saw how the women I taught used their English to help orphans, the elderly, the whole community. They used their English to communicate their situation to the world and to get help. Many women around the world today are using English communication to make the world a better place.

  4. Women who learn learn English bring money (economic benefits) to their societies and countries

    women who learn English make money
    Women who learn English make more money for their communities and countries!

    To quote an article from a business magazine, “For those in certain regions of the world who haven’t been paying attention, please take note: Educating women is good for the economy.”  Many many studies and large international financial (money) organizations have proven that there is a direct relationship to the amount of money a country makes and the education of it’s women. Women educated in English will make their communities and countries richer!

  5. Women who learn English help the next generation (the children) and create a better world for the future

    In addition to helping their communities and countries become better, richer places in the present time, women educated in English will also make their communities and countries richer for the future! Women can help to teach their children and the next generation the English skills that will help them be successful in the future.

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