5 Common Ways to Say “A Lot Of” (and how to use them)

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There are A LOT OF people here in this picture. A native speaker of English uses A LOT OF other words to express the idea of “a lot of” and you can, too! Here are 5 common other ways to say “A lof of” and example sentences to show you how to use them.

  1. TONS/A TON. “I am learning Spanish, and I make TONS of mistakes!” “I have A TON of homework.”
  2. HEAPS. “She put HEAPS of sugar in her coffee.”
  3. LOADS. “There were LOADS of people on the bus.”
  4. ALL KINDS OF. “I had ALL KINDS OF of fun at the party last night.”
  5. OODLES. “He will make OODLES of money”.

Remember to use it like this: verb + TONS/HEAPS…+ OF + plural noun. If you want to learn a ton of slang expressions that mean, “a lot of”, go to this LINK. Some of the slang expressions in the link that mean “A LOT OF” are considered rude, but they are quite common in everyday spoken English, tv shows and movies.

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