5 Useful Business English Resources

Help with your Business English

The internet is full of information and sometimes it is hard to know what resources are the best for helping you with your English learning goals. Here is my pick of some useful things to check out on the internet if you need to improve your English for professional (or even other!) purposes:

  1. A Series of Videos by Mark Powell

    Mark Powell is one of the world's leading business communication skills trainers. In this series he talks about using REAL Business English, and why the Business English you learn from a textbook, in a classroom, is not always the best or most relevant to use in a real life situation communicating in English for your business! There are no subtitles, so you will likely need a higher intermediate listening ability. These videos are both funny and informative, and good for both Business English teachers and learners.

Streamlining Business English

2. Watch TV Series to improve your Business English

If you choose to watch TV Series to learn useful Business English, make sure you watch it WITHOUT subtitles at least one time. When you watch the series with subtitles, use it as a learning opportunity. Write down new words and make a note of the context in which they were used. Series that I would recommend include 'The Apprentice UK' (if you are tired of watching Trump, don't watch The Apprentice from the USA!) and 'Dragon's Den'.


The Apprentice UK

3. Watch Documentaries with a Business Setting

Documentaries are a useful way to improve your English because they use real language without any movie drama. If you have a higher level of English listening, it would be advised to watch it WITHOUT subtitles. Only turn on the subtitles if you don't understand the word or want to slow down and do vocabulary work. If you do this, watch it again another time WITHOUT the subtitles. If you are lower level, just choose to watch a shorter 10-20 minute segment of the documentary and use the same technique. (Slowly with subtitles, learning vocabulary the first time and normal speed without subtitles the second time). Documentaries that deal with the business world include 'Inside Job' (with Matt Damon) and 'Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room."

Inside Job Trailer

4. BBC 'Talking Business'

This resource is from the older version of the BBC Learning English website, but the audio and pdf files are still there for you to use. Although some of this English is the outdated textbook English that Mark Powell talks about, it is still a useful tool. You can find the main part of the website, including audio HERE and downloadable worksheets HERE.  






5. Shanthi from English with a Twist


Another unique new way to improve your business English is to learn it first hand from Business English trainers while on an intensive crash course in Business English. Shanthi taught an intensive English Immersion course with English Experiences last year in Ireland and her blog and services are wonderful for Business English learners! 

English with a Twist

Shanthi teaching on an English Experiences intensive full immersion course
Shanthi teaching on an English Experiences intensive full immersion course







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