Vocabulary for April Fools Day

Real Life Vocabulary for Learning and Speaking English

Here in North America, it is April Fools Day (the 1st of April). Google just got into trouble with their April Fools Joke and Twitter is full of #AprilFools tweets. To help you understand what people are talking about, here is some of the most useful vocabulary. Click on the word to see the definition. To see other ways to improve your English, please click here

  1. Pull a Prank (Verb Phrase, Idiom) 
  2. Hoax (noun)
  3. Practical Joke (noun)
  4.  Fool (verb, noun)
  5. To make a fool (out) of someone (Verb phrase, Idiom)
  6. Trick (verb) 
  7. Gullible (adjective) 
  8. Crack up (phrasal verb) 
  9. Go too far (Verb Phrase, Idiom)
  10. Cross the line (Verb Phrase, Idiom)


An example of a prank

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