Speaking about Success: 5 Words and Prepositions

  In this week’s Advanced Online English class, we learned several words and phrases related to the topic of success. Even though some of my students knew the words, they did not always know the correct preposition to use with the words they knew. One important tip for learning English is to always try to […]

How to reach your goals in English

Getting to your English Language Goals….

    Happy New Year to everyone! (I know it is not the new year everywhere in the world but happy new year to all of you anyways!) With the start of the new year many people think and talk about what they achieved in the year that just finished, and what they want to […]

The 5 English Study Habits that my Best Students Always Have

    I have been teaching English for more than 17 years now (!) and there are some students that always do very well in my classes. I have noticed over the years that these students always have the same study habits, and I wanted to share them with you! Maybe this is you? They […]

How to learn (and remember!) a lot of new words in English…

    The English language, like many languages, is a very rich language – there are A LOT OF WORDS to learn!!! You can communicate effectively with a vocabulary of 1000-2000 words but as you advance in English – and if you really want to enjoy English books, movies, and conversations with native English speakers, […]

10 Phrasal Verbs and Idioms for Difficult Times in Life or Business

Everyone goes through difficult times. Some of us might not want to talk about our struggles, and other people never seem to stop talking about their hard times!  Recently I have experienced difficult times in my life and business and I have needed to remember that we as humans always seem to get through difficult times […]

5 Things You Might Not Know About Canada (with Vocabulary)

My country, Canada, has been in the news recently. Recent news stories, like THIS ARTICLE, have praised (said good things about) Canada for welcoming refugees (people who have run from their country because of war).  As today is Canada Day I decided to write a blog post about my country – to share a few […]

Vocabulary and Videos for Diversity and Inclusion

  DIVERSITY – We are all different. UNITY – We are all one.  INCLUSION – Being part of the group. Last night I went to sleep after reading posts about how millions of people in the UK voted to leave the EU. I heard people say that immigration and racism were big reasons for this […]

5 Useful Business English Resources

The internet is full of information and sometimes it is hard to know what resources are the best for helping you with your English learning goals. Here is my pick of some useful things to check out on the internet if you need to improve your English for professional (or even other!) purposes: A Series […]

Talking about Food and Eating in English

  This morning I woke up early and saw the sun shining through the window and on the raspberry bushes outside. The raspberry season is early this year, about 2-3 weeks earlier than normal (is this a result of global warming?) It was a beautiful moment in the sun, and there were plenty of raspberries, […]

5 Top Tips: How to improve your English pronunciation

  It is very frustrating when people do not understand what you say. Sometimes you must repeat the word or phrase several times before they finally say, “oh! you mean, …..”. You thought that is what you had said! Pronunciation is very important in language communication, in making it easier for other people to understand […]