10 Ways to Start a Conversation in English

Do you feel unsure of how to start speaking with people in English? Have you ever been to a work event, business meeting, dinner party or another social event where everyone is speaking English and you didn’t know how to begin? Do you want to practice your English and be friendly with the person next […]

Free Business English Training Webinar on May 24

  Free Webinar (online seminar or training) presented by Andrea from English Experiences and Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat from English with a Twist. Learn how to improve your business English more quickly and effectively. 1430 UTC (UK 1530), 1630 CET, 0930 Central Daylight Savings (N. America). Click on the button below to register! Register Now! * […]

How to Improve Your English with TV, Movies and Music

We all love to watch movies and TV and listen to music, and it is a fantastic way to improve your listening and general fluency in English. Here’s are some things to remember when you want to use TV, Movies and Music to study English. CHOOSE A SHORT TV SHOW, PART OF A MOVIE, OR […]

5 Common Ways to Say “A Lot Of” (and how to use them)

  There are A LOT OF people here in this picture. A native speaker of English uses A LOT OF other words to express the idea of “a lot of” and you can, too! Here are 5 common other ways to say “A lof of” and example sentences to show you how to use them. […]

5 Common Preposition Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

  Prepositions (for example: on, at, in, to, for, and since) are one OF the most difficult things TO learn IN English. Many people naturally want TO use the same preposition that they use IN their own language, but this results IN many mistakes! Here are 5 common mistakes that people make when using prepositions […]

New Website Address

Same exciting content, different place to find it! Www.englishretreats.ca, is now at http://englishexperiences.com. Enjoy! I am happy to share with you the new website name – I love the idea of retreats – a place to relax and escape from the stress of everyday life, and the idea of learning English in a retreat location, […]

Vocabulary for April Fools Day

Here in North America, it is April Fools Day (the 1st of April). Google just got into trouble with their April Fools Joke and Twitter is full of #AprilFools tweets. To help you understand what people are talking about, here is some of the most useful vocabulary. Click on the word to see the definition. […]

Learn Real English: 9 Words for this Holiday Weekend

Learn Real English: 9 Words for this Holiday Weekend Today, and this weekend, is a holiday in many countries. A friend and I decided to go on hike in the beautiful village of Deep Cove, near Vancouver. As a result of it being a holiday, here are some words I was thinking about and want […]

Why Learning English is like Springtime

  It is only 2 days from the official start of spring, and it looks like spring here on the west coast of Canada! The *magnolia tree next door and my *kale plants are in full *bloom. It is green everywhere, things are growing. Looking outside this morning at the beautiful flowers on the *magnolia […]