5 Benefits of Women Learning English

  As a woman, an entrepreneur and a person who cares about social justice and human equality, the issue of gender equality is very important to me. I admire women who have fought or are fighting to make the world a better place for us all to live in. Yet how do we bring more […]

feel comfortable in real life communication in another language

Feeling comfortable using another language in a real life situation

    The inspiration for creating English immersion travel courses┬ácame from my own experience learning Spanish in an immersive week on a beautiful island in Panama. For the first time, as I sat on the dock* with my feet dipped in* the water, I felt I was able to not only understand the conversation but […]

Improve your English listening in a real life context

English Learning Technique # 2 – Listen to English in a Real Life Context

    If you find English difficult to understand when you are listening, you are not alone! Most English learners want to improve their listening skills, and many are not sure how. Here are a few ideas about how to improve your English listening skills: One of the best ways to improve your listening is […]

English Learning Technique # 1 – We learn better when we are relaxed

We learn better when we are relaxed. We engage more with other people when we are laughing. Brains that are relaxed are able to learn and remember better.   There have been many scientific studies that tell us that our brains learn and remember better when we are relaxed and engaged. Yet so many of […]

Learning by Doing

There are many ways to learn a language. You can read – a grammar book, a book for fun, a blog, or beautiful phrases. You can listen – to audiobooks, tv series, podcasts, or music You can watch and see – a whiteboard in a classroom, a picture dictionary, a movie You can speak – […]

Some Ski Vocabulary and Slang

It’s the season for skiing here in the mountains of Canada. I was just up on the mountain yesterday, filming a short video that I will be showing you all soon. Can you answer this question? When your skis temporarily leave the snow and the skis are in the air, what is the correct phrasal […]

A Warm Welcome

Hello! My name is Andrea. I am an English Language Coach with more than 16 years of experience guiding people toward their English language goals. I am so excited to be offering a new language learning service which is going to help you improve your English in a way that is effective, targeted exactly to […]