Learn English in the Rocky Mountains of Canada!







The Beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada:
Incredible Scenery, Wildlife and Activities
The Most Amazing English Classroom of your Life

'English Experiences' Intensive Full Immersion Course
100 Hours of Personalized English Training
April 7-16, 2017

Come learn English in the middle of Canada's Rocky Mountains!Imagine…..

…..the first view of the Rocky Mountains from Calgary and the excitement you will feel as we drive closer and then into these beautiful large mountains!
…..seeing the amazing nature and mountains of the Rocky Mountains area: waterfalls, lakes with amazing blue-green colours, elk, bears, bald eagles, chipmunks, mountains goats and more!
….practicing your English while you sit in the hot water of natural hot springs or relax in the hot tub (Jacuzzi) at the holiday home and look at the mountains all around you!
….having a personalized English class with the most amazing view: in the relaxing comfort of the holiday home at the ski resort, while on the ski hill or while out snowshoeing!
....going home after 100 hours of personalized private English training with more confidence and more ability in the English you personally want and need to learn!


What is 'English Experiences'? 

English Experiences is a new private language learning service designed by an experienced English language teacher and trainer. It is a unique and different program in which busy adults can quickly improve their English while relaxing in nature in an English speaking country. Adult learners join a small group of up t0 6 course participants and live a full immersion experience - they live and learn together with their teacher and group in beautiful natural location in a comfortable vacation home. This is not a typical classroom in a typical school. In fact, it is superior to the traditional method of learning in a classroom in many ways: more individual attention, smaller groups, private coaching sessions, customized course content, all day speaking and listening practice with a teacher, a relaxing learning environment in fresh air so that it is easier for the brain to remember the language and more!






The 'English Experiences' Classrooms of 2016
The 'English Experiences' Classrooms of 2016


  1. Full Immersion in an English Speaking Country: Opportunities to Practice with Local English Speakers
  2. Natural Context: You Learn Real English that you can Use in Everyday Situations!
  3. ALL DAY Teaching and Practice with Experienced Professional Teachers who are Native Speakers of English: Your Teachers Teach you Every Day Vocabulary and Give you Friendly Corrections to Help your Pronunciation or Grammar!
  4. Personalized Course Program: Just what you need!
  5. Individual Learning Needs Assessment
  6. Small Class Size (Maximum 6 students per teacher) - You get a lot of Individual Attention!
  7. Private 1-1 Lessons
  8. Small Group Lessons several times a day (indoors or outdoors) to Learn Vocabulary, Phrasal Verbs, Grammar, Pronunciation, Intonation, Listening, Reading, Writing and more....these Lessons are Fully Personalized for the Unique Needs of the People in that Class.
  9. Small Notebook to put in your Pocket: you Write down the Many Words you are Learning in the Everyday Moments!
  10. Daily Review with your Class and Teacher  - you need to Review the Vocabulary, Grammar  and other English Skills you have Learned so you can Remember what you are Learning
  11. A Relaxing Comfortable Learning Environment in the Middle of Nature with Fresh Air- You Learn Better when you are Relaxed and Having Fun and when you are Breathing Fresh Air!



Calgary, Alberta –Calgary is the closest city in Canada to the Rocky Mountains. It is a city of more than 1 million people with quality arts, culture, food and entertainment. The course begins and ends in this growing Canadian city.

Rocky Mountains - Canada’s Rocky Mountains area is famous around the world for it’s incredible mountains, lakes,
waterfalls, hot springs and wildlife (animals). On our road trip through the Rocky Mountains you will get the opportunity to see famous places like Banff, Lake Louise, Johnstone Canyon and Waterfall, Fairmont Hot Springs as well as animals like mountain goats, bighorn sheep, elk, bears, bald eagles and more!

Kimberly, British Columbia
Kimberly was known in the past as the 'Bavarian City of the Rockies' and it is now a tourist town with a ski resort. This is the main course location: we will be here for one week.







Learn English in the Rocky Mountains with English Experiences


Day 1 – Arrivals, Calgary International Airport: Calgary, Alberta – Plan to arrive in the morning if possible. You will be picked up from the airport to meet your teacher and classmates in person! You will start with your English learning and practice!

Day 2 – Rocky Mountain Road Trip Class: You will have the fantastic opportunity to learn and practice English at the same time that you experience a fun road trip and the incredible beauty of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. The road trip will be through the Rocky Mountains on the way from Calgary to the course main location in Kimberly. We will stop to explore famous sites in the Rocky Mountains including Banff, Lake, Fairmont Hot Springs and of course we will also stop to take pictures of wildlife we might see on the way! Class will be in the car and during stops, practice is all day!

Day 3 to Day 9 – Ski Hill Condo in the Rocky Mountains: Kimberly, BC. You will have one full week to focus on your English with daily indoor or outdoor classes in daily small group classes and private 1-1 lessons. You will learn the grammar, pronunciation, listening, speaking or other English communication skills that you need! Classes will be inside the condo in the living room or dining room or outdoors



*Note: This itinerary might change but it will always include a road trip through the Rocky Mountains and learning English in a comfortable vacation home in the mountains near a ski hill. 


8:00 AM – Keep Sleeping or Yoga/Meditation

8:30 AM – Self-serve or hot breakfast (Morning breakfast conversation/informal lessons in English)

9:15 AM – Group Class (personalized to the skills the group needs to work on) This is when the group will learn the grammar points, pronunciation, intonation or other English communication skills that everyone in the group needs to learn or practice.

10:45 AM – Private Lessons, Self-study time or go ski/snowboard (Some days you will have private lessons, other days you will do assigned practice/homework, other days you can go play in the snow!)

12:30 PM – Lunch (Conversation/informal lessons in English)

1:30 PM– Outdoor or Indoor Informal Class: Learn and Practice English as we do outdoor activities like ski or snowboard, snowshoe in the mountains, go wildlife watching, play indoor board games and more! Make sure that you remember to bring your mini pocket notebook (your “capture tool”) to write down all the vocabulary or corrections you will learn during these informal classes with the teacher! Snacks will be provided during this time.

5:00  PM– Rest time

6:00 PM – Dinner preparation and dinner time: Practice your English conversation and get help from the teacher with your English questions as the group prepares and eats dinner together! This is always a favourite time of day and when students learn a lot!

7:30 PM – Daily vocabulary and lesson review: This is the time of the day that the group reviews the vocabulary or other English skills they have learned that day. New words are put up on the walls to help the students to remember the words the following days.

8:30 PM – Evening activity/informal lesson in English: games, movie night, karaoke and more!

9:30 PM to Midnight – Some nights you will be so tired from all the fun you will go to bed early – other nights you will stay up late talking and practicing your English with your teacher and classmates!


You will live with your classmates and teacher in a vacation condo close to Kimberly ski hill and local activities. Course fee includes shared accommodation, which will be with one other student in the room - or you can pay an extra fee to have your own private bedroom. The rooms will have comfortable beds and you will be able to see the beautiful Rocky Mountains as you relax and learn in the comfortable home.

We will cook and eat most meals together - and the times cooking and eating together are an important time for learning and practicing real English: your teacher will help you have natural conversations in English! In addition to the meals in the vacation home with your teacher and classmates, you will also have the opportunity to try local food from cafes, markets and restaurants - you can practice talking with local Canadian people during these times!

Your course fee also includes private local transportation - you will have the chance to explore Rocky Mountains on road trips with your teacher and classmates in a rental vehicle: this cost of local travel is also included in your course fee!

Relax and learn English on an intensive immersion course in Canada


Only $1,200 USD + $95 Registration Fee! (Has a normal market value of $4000, this is a special promotional price!) 


100 Hours of Intensive Immersion English ($2000+ Value)
-A Personal Learning Needs Assessment
-A Personal Learning Plan
-10 Days of Every Day Personalized Small Group Classes
-Private 1-1 Lessons
-10 days of ALL DAY teaching and correction from your teacher: All Day is a Lesson..for 10 days!

A 10 Day all-inclusive package in the Rocky Mountains of Canada ($2,000+ Value)
- The chance to visit many beautiful and famous places in the Rocky Mountains (see above) on a special private road trip with your teacher and classmates
- Wildlife watching experiences
- 10 Days Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks (except 2 dinners and 2 lunches so you can try local food)
- 7 nights comfortable shared accommodation in a luxurious condo vacation rental in Kimberly + 2 nights comfortable shared accommodation in Calgary. 

 * The price is listed in USD because it is a currency that most people in the world know. You will pay in Canadian Dollars (CAD) - The course fee in Canadian dollars is $1,750. The USD amount might be a little more or less than the listed price because of changes in the exchange rate.