Vocabulary and Videos for Diversity and Inclusion

vocabulary and videos about diversity and inclusion in English


DIVERSITY РWe are all different. UNITY РWe are all one.  INCLUSION РBeing part of the group.

Last night I went to sleep after reading posts about how millions of people in the UK voted to leave the EU. I heard people say that immigration and racism were big reasons for this decision. South of the border in the USA I see Donald Trump playing a political game that also encourages fear of others, that encourages racism. Here in Canada last year the former prime minister tried to win the election using similar strategies of fear, racism and division, but it didn’t work. I was happy to see that people here voted for unity and inclusion.

We are all human. It’s something the world needs to remember right now. I have traveled and lived in more than 35 countries around the world. As I teacher I have taught students from more countries than that and have listened as my students shared their lives and their cultures with each other. It is always amazing to me how very similar we all are. What is clear from my travels and students is that people share more similarities than differences. We are all so much the same!

Knowing English vocabulary on the topic of unity and diversity is important. If you use English for business it is important because more companies are starting to pay attention to this topic and many even have a unity and diversity specialist as part of their team. If you use English for other purposes, you will still benefit from an ability to talk about this important topic. Please do talk about it.

As a result, I want to write this blog post to share some vocabulary, videos and pictures related to unity and diversity, to encourage all of us to remember that we are all sisters and brothers: to love each other and try and help one another…..

1. Vocabulary related to Diversity:
Here is a list of 229 words related to the topic of diversity. It’s best to learn these words in context and to learn the different forms of these words, but it’s a place to start if you are serious about self-study. https://myvocabulary.com/word-list/diversity-vocabulary/

2. A Classic Speech in a Charlie Chaplin Movie about the need for love and unity

3. A TED Talk that tells us a personal story about the danger of stereotypes, with English Subtitles

4. Michael Jackson, ‘We are the World’
A classic song calling us to help each other as brothers and sisters. Remade more recently for Haiti. http://lyricstraining.com/play/usa-for-africa/we-are-the-world/UzhbW8nMVz http://lyricstraining.com/play/justin-bieber-miley-cyrus-usher-fergie-akon-snoop-dogg-/we-are-the-world-25-for-haiti/HpBOeCamlp#b7w

5.  Movies that make us think again about our stereotypes
Just before writing this post I watched a French film called ‘Intouchables”. Some people have said this movie has racism, but after I watched it I thought it showed our common humanity, all of us, no matter where we come from. Here is a list from IMDB with movies that make us question racism. Do you agree or disagree or have any movies to add to the list?


Quote by MLK about love and hate for English learners


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