feel comfortable in real life communication in another language

Feeling comfortable using another language in a real life situation



The inspiration for creating English immersion travel courses came from my own experience learning Spanish in an immersive week on a beautiful island in Panama. For the first time, as I sat on the dock* with my feet dipped in* the water, I felt I was able to not only understand the conversation but also contribute to it. It was such a wonderful feeling. It made me realize that I really do have the ability to communicate about the things that I care about, that another language is just another part of who I am. The beautiful environment relaxed me. The wind was warm and the people friendly. The conversation flowed in natural ways about topics that I cared about and knew something about. It was real life. It was beautiful. It felt adventurous. It was absolutely the best setting for building confidence in second language communication. It helped me connect more deeply with those around me that night.

I want this kind of experience to change your life, too. I want you view communicating in English in a new, beautiful way. I want you, through an immersion experience, to have the opportunity to go deep, without the distractions of home. It will be easier for you to form new beliefs about your ability to communicate in English and form better grammar and pronunciation habits. When you step back into your daily routine, what you have learned will go back with you! Join me on an English learning adventure to improve your English and transform your life.



dock - English vocabulary.
Definition of Dock: a structure extending alongshore or out from the shore into a body of water, to which boats can be tied.


English Vocabulary - definition of dip into
A bird dipping his beak into the water.
Definition of ‘Dip into’ : to put something temporarily into liquid

2 thoughts on “Feeling comfortable using another language in a real life situation

  1. Hi guys!
    I want to know if you have any kind of activities in which we can interact with another people, like outdoor activities or informal conversations in hot spots of the city?

    1. Hi Jimmy! Yes, on an English retreats program there will be many daily activities in which you can interact with other people. The retreats will mostly be in beautiful outdoor locations (such as the Rocky Mountains of Canada or on safari in South Africa) so many of the activities will be outdoor activities. There will also be many opportunities to have informal conversations with the retreat leaders, other participants or other people we meet in the places we visit! The whole idea of an English Retreat is to provide you with all day long opportunities to learn and practice your English in real life situations! Thank you for your question!

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