Learning English “On the Go”

pocket notebook

You write down what you learn "on the go" in your pocket notebook

learning in nature

Learn as we go on nature walks

Learning on the go1

Write down the vocabulary and grammar you learn as you talk with your teacher

speaking with locals

Meet local people and practice your English

On an English Experiences course you will learn English "on the go". This means that you learn the English that you need.... in the moment that you need it. You learn it in the natural context in the way that babies learn their native language. This is called, 'Learning by Doing' or 'Experiential Learning'.

Using this learning style, you will have ALL DAY to ask questions and get help from your teacher. You will practice your speaking, listening, spoken grammar and pronunciation with your classmates and teacher while you walk in nature together, cook together, play games together and do other fun vacation activities. You will have the opportunity to practice your English with local people - you will be in an English speaking country! It is FULL IMMERSION + A TEACHER BESIDE YOU TO HELP YOU - the most effective way to learn a language quickly!

You will be given a small pocket notebook to keep with you all day. We call this your "capture tool". You will use this notebook/"capture tool" to write down the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation that you learn "on the go" - and you will review this with your teacher and the group in small group classes and your private 1-1 lessons!

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