Speaking about Success: 5 Words and Prepositions

Speaking about Success


In this week’s Advanced Online English class, we learned several words and phrases related to the topic of success. Even though some of my students knew the words, they did not always know the correct preposition to use with the words they knew. One important tip for learning English is to always try to learn HOW to use the word, not just the meaning of the word. With that in mind, I would like to share with you a few words related to success and HOW to use these words when speaking or writing about this topic.


    Most of you know this word, but HOW do you use this word correctly? Which preposition do you use with this word?”I want to be successful IN learning English vocabulary and how to use English vocabulary.”

    Notice that you use the verb “to be” + the adjective “successful” +  the preposition IN + a noun (“learning” is a gerund – which is the noun form, the activity form, of the verb ‘learn’). You could also use another noun. For example, you can say, “I want to be successful in university.”

    Strive means to try hard. Do you know which preposition to use with this word?“I always strive TO be the best that I can be.”

    Use this verb with the preposition “to” + the base verb. Another example could be, “He will strive TO overcome his problems.” You can also strive FOR something. For example, “Our department strives FOR excellence.”

    This is the verb “face” in the passive voice and we use it when we want to say that there are problems we have to deal with, or face, and that someone or something else brought these problems into our lives – maybe fate or God or another person.”What do you do when you are faced WITH obstacles on your journey to success?

    Use the verb “face” in the passive voice with the preposition “with” + a noun or a gerund. “I was faced with the difficult task of preparing for my exam.”

    This is a verb phrase/idiom that means “to try”.“I’ve never tried it before, but I’ll take a shot AT it!”
    “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”

    Use this verb phrase with the preposition “at” plus a noun (the activity that you want to try). “I’ll take a shot at learning how to play pool”  OR use it alone without an object. For example, “Sure, I’ll take a shot!”

    This verb means to keep striving for success even when you are faced with difficulties. It means that you don’t give up, even when things get tough or difficult.“She persevered WITH her studies and in the end she achieved her dream of getting a university degree.”

    Use the verb with the preposition “WITH” + a noun. You can also use persevere + IN + a gerund. For example, you can say, “She persevered IN solving her problem.”

There are many more words, phrases, idioms and phrasal verbs that are related to this topic of success. In face, if you would like A LIST OF MORE THAN 100 WORDS AND PHRASES RELATED TO SUCCESS, you can join my Advancer Advanced English Club!

You can also join me every Wednesday at 6 PM GMT – I am now teaching an Advanced Online English Class  and I’d love to see you in class! You will learn more vocabulary, grammar tips, pronunciation, use of English and you will get a chance to learn with me! Happy Learning :)

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