Talking about Food and Eating in English

Food and Eating: English Vocabulary


This morning I woke up early and saw the sun shining through the window and on the raspberry bushes outside. The raspberry season is early this year, about 2-3 weeks earlier than normal (is this a result of global warming?) It was a beautiful moment in the sun, and there were plenty of raspberries, with many more still ripening on the bushes. There were a few strawberries hanging ripe as well. I love having my garden outside my house and the ability to eat fresh berries for breakfast! I have plenty to eat fresh and I also save some berries and put them in the freezer to enjoy later in the year. This year I am putting berries in the freezer to share with the students who join me here in Canada this July for the special and amazing Canada Coast and Mountains Intensive Full Immersion Course. Here are some useful words when talking about food and eating in English!


Words from the text above

Fresh (adjective) – when you eat the food very soon after you get it from the garden

Ripe (adjective) – when fruit is ready to eat

Ripen (verb) – when fruit is becoming ready to eat

Growing season (noun) – the time of the year when it is normal for a certain fruit or vegetable to grow

Garden (noun) – In North America this refers to the place where you grow flowers, fruit and vegetables. In England this refers to the place with grass in front of and behind your house (called a yard in North America)

Berries (noun) – A kind of delicious fruit: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and more! See the picture


Words to describe the berries I ate this morning: 

Perfectly (adverb) Sweet (adjective) – just the right amount of sweet!

Tasty (adjective)

Scrumptious (adjective)

Delectable (adjective)

Divine (adjective)

(All 4 words above are another way to say, “delicious”)


Hope you are enjoying the start to your summer and hope to see you this July and share some of these divine, perfectly sweet berries from my garden with you!



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