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Student Praise and Testimonial



“ I am working out my frustration in English with Andrea. I felt trapped, blocked because I know a lot but at the same time I don’t know anything! Andrea helps me feel confidant. Her calm helps me feel balanced. She is teaching me many strategies to lose my fear and gain confidence. She always finds a way to make me feel comfortable with English.”


-Cristina from Spain



Students love learning English



“I always felt comfortable with Andrea ‘cause she’s always been very patient. I also never felt pressure from her. The learning process was about sharing stories together, it’s all about having fun while being challenged. I would often forget that I was learning!”


-Caroline from Quebec




Students love to learn English with Andrea


“In 2013 I went to Vancouver for one entire year. Andrea has been my principal teacher during that year. It was a pleasure for me to go to class knowing Andrea was my teacher, the topics we were studying were always interesting and the activities were diverse and always helped us to develop our skills and vocab. She knows how to manage a class and she knows exactly how to interest students, with topics dealing with news and actuality, with great games, with presentations, with group activities, also with debates. It’s not an easy mission, especially for international students only wanting to discover the city! She is full of humanity and she always listens to her students ! I had a great time in class with Andrea.”


- Vanille from France



Student Testimonial



"I went to Vancouver two years ago with the intention to improve my English. I had such a great time there that I wasn't even expecting and a lot of it was because of my amazing teacher Andrea. Her way of teaching us English was really good because we did a lot of activities that tested all our skills while having a good time. She also was really kind to us all, making the classes look like nice chats about a lot of meaningfull subjects, which kept our interest and made the time pass really quickly. I guess I can say that Andrea is a really nice friend, both inside and outside the classroom, and that everyone who gets to spend time and learn with her is lucky."

- Gustavo from Brazil


Greg and Cassandre (English)

Greg and Cassandre (French)