Why Learning English is like Springtime

Learning English is like the Spring


It is only 2 days from the official start of spring, and it looks like spring here on the west coast of Canada! The *magnolia tree next door and my *kale plants are in full *bloom. It is green everywhere, things are growing. Looking outside this morning at the beautiful flowers on the *magnolia tree, I started to think about how there are times when you feel like you are not learning anything, where you feel frustrated with your progress. These times are like the winter season of learning, but I want to remind you not to worry when you feel this way. Each time you put in effort in your learning, every time you try, it is like planting a *seed. You plant the *seeds of English communication when you do things like read in English, study online with an English coach, or go on a language learning vacation. Over time, these *seeds will produce results. Springtime is beautiful, it is the time when things come to life. It is reminder that when we try, when we put in effort, we will eventually see results!


The magnolia tree is beautiful in the spring!
The magnolia tree (noun) is beautiful in the spring!
English vocabulary - kale, garden vegetables
Kale (noun) is a green vegetable that I grow in my garden!
Bloom: the flower of a plant (verb) when a plant opens into a flower (verb)
Bloom: the flower of a plant (noun) when a plant opens into a flower (verb)
English vocabulary for gardening
A seed (noun) is what you plant, or put in the ground to grow plants (flowers, trees, vegetables and more!)


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